I’m back yall the library internet access was down for 2 weeks but it back up again now

Hey yall. So I was thinkin, its hard as fuckin HELL doin this mom blog shit cause you gotta walk to the library just to get on the internet and unless you wanna bring all your kids but when you got 7 sometimes you lose track of em and shit. Like the other day Febreeze upped and ran away out the corner store but lucky for me an undercover five oh picked her little ass up and brought her back. Shit its hard as hell not havin no man with 7 kids on top of that shit and workin 2 jobs livin in these projects. I aint got no money for a babysitter neither like yall white moms do, shit yall white moms be havin maids and butlers and husbands on some Daddy Warbucks type shit ya feel me. So here Kholera babysitter problem:

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I aint famous yet what the fuck. And its Christmas time, motherfuckers.

Ok I told yall to tell errbody on Facebook and shit about this here Project Mommy thing so I could blow up its been a day now and I aint even heard no one talkin bout this blog shit in the street yet. My name Kholera Jones and my website at  https://projectmommmy.wordpress.com. So what yall still doin here? Click on that link there and READ MY SHIT.

So today Ima talk about somethin very serious, yall.  Im tryin to do this mom blog thing so Im gonna focus on some parent shit for all people and white bitches too.

Kholera Christmas Problem

By Kholera Jones

So I be gettin off work at 6 p.m.  on my job at the grocery store and then at 7 p.m. on my other job on the weekends doin security cause I work 2 jobs cause I got 7 kids, Febreeze, Benjamin Franklin, Godiva, Indonesia, Tsunami, Hypnotiq and Exxon Valdeeze. Thats a lotta fuckin Christmas presents ya feel me? So since yall white bitches seem to have all the answers and shit bout bein a mommy tell me: when yall be workin 7 days a week and gettin off late work and havin to take the bus to the mall to shop for your kids at night, how do yall make sure yall dont get shot or robbed when you gettin back to your hood late at night? Cause that shit worry me sometimes cause it aint no joke up in Englewood late at night and I aint got no choice but to do my Christmas shoppin at night.

Sometimes in my neighborhood it be bullets flyin overhead like somebody just kicked a fuckin hornet’s nest. You better duck or you fucked, Chuck.

So all yall mommy bloggin ass white bitches answer this quiz for Kholera and help solve this Christmas shoppin problem I got:

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Nevermind I got this shit now

Whassup what yall doin? This shit way harder then Facebook godamn this bloggin shits a pain in the fuckin ass but its cool though. I just had a thought now that Im startin to figure this shit out:

I know its a lotta white motherfuckers readin this shit here right now and it aint many white people in my neighborhood, I dont hardly never even talk to white people but I hear shit about how white men dont like big booties. So Ima ask all yall white people: my booty look good to you? Now you white bitches out there dont even answer that shit cause I know yalla just hate and shit cause you mad cause yall some flatbooty bitches. But what you think for the men? My booty look good? Holla at me my number 773-928-3083. And all yall white mommy bloggin ass bitches dont get mad that ya mans callin me cause you aint got no type a booty meat. Im tryin to get famous in this bitch so get out the way, move, bitch, get out the way, ya feel me?


Kholera Jones

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! What the fuck is this bullshit how I delete this? I know this fuckin WordPress shit aint fittin to do my bloggin for me cause I got too much to say for a fuckin computer program to be bloggin for me and shit. Im tryin to get famous let me see whassup with this shit hold on. How I get off this fuckin screen? Its like 200 buttons on this fuckin screen Im just tryin to get my blog on what the fuck. You know what this pissin me off maybe Ima just forget this bloggin shit. That be a big ass motherfuckin shame too cause then it wouldnt be no one to represent some African American women of color in this here mommy blog game without Kholera Jones but

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